Tropical End Of Summer Sangria Recipe

As summer's warmth gives way to a cool breeze, let's capture the essence of the tropics with a refreshing twist. Introducing our Tropical End-of-Summer Sangria recipe! This concoction is a delightful blend of juicy fruits and chilled wine, bringing a taste of paradise to your glass. So, before the season slips away, let's raise a toast to sun-soaked memories and the simple joy of good company.



1. Dice or slice all your fruit and place it in a pitcher or container.

2. Pour the wine onto the prepared fruit.

3. Next, add the 7UP, followed by the brandy and Grand Marnier.

4. Gently stir to thoroughly blend all the liquids.

5. For optimal results, refrigerate overnight. However, if patience is limited, you can expedite the process by adding ice to your glasses.

6. Serve the chilled mixture alongside fruit pieces and savor the experience!

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