Wine & The Tortured Poets Department... A Perfect Pairing

Throughout her illustrious musical journey, Taylor Swift has masterfully interwoven the imagery of wine into her lyrics, painting a vivid spectrum of human emotions and moments—from the exuberant highs of celebrations to the introspective lows of solitary evenings.

Whether it's the poignant recollection of laughter over wine in Red's "The Last Time" or the metaphorical spilling of wine in Reputation's "Dress," Swift uses wine to add a rich layer of sensory depth to her storytelling. In Lover, wine surfaces as a symbol of cold rejection in "Paper Rings" and as a relic of heartbreak in "Death By A Thousand Cuts." Her exploration continues in Folklore and Evermore, with references to "rosé flowing with your chosen family" and the intricate narrative of "champagne problems," where champagne becomes a metaphor for misunderstood intentions and missed connections.

Swift's ability to blend the everyday with the poetic gives her music an authenticity that deeply resonates, transforming each mention of wine into a symbol of shared moments and personal revelations.

As you delve into The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, here are our curated wine pairings to enhance your listening experience:

  1. "Fortnight" - A tumultuous blend of love and discord calls for our Optimism Sunrise. It’s fresh yet complex, ideal for pondering fleeting moments of connection and the bitter-sweetness of temporary love.
  2. "The Tortured Poets Department" - This quirky and introspective narrative pairs beautifully with Grovedale Reserve Chardonnay. Its sophisticated and layered notes reflect the depth of reflecting on one's own idiosyncrasies and relationships.
  3. "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" - The emotional turmoil and the bittersweet realization in these lyrics resonate with the bold and robust flavors of Sh!tshow Red. It’s a wine that doesn’t shy away from depth and intensity, much like the song’s narrative.
  4. "Down Bad" - For the raw, emotional outcry of this song, I suggest a Merlot. Its smooth, velvety texture and dark fruity notes provide a comforting embrace amidst the storm of emotions.
  5. "So Long, London" - The mournful farewell to a love and a city pairs with a Pinot Noir. Its delicate, nuanced flavors capture the essence of nostalgia and lost love.
  6. "But Daddy I Love Him" - This song’s youthful defiance and heartfelt plea call for the playful yet earnest Sparkling Wine, which brings a light, bubbly contrast to the heavy emotions.
  7. "Fresh Out The Slammer" - With its themes of renewal and return, the refreshing and crisp Sauvignon Blanc mirrors the song's hopeful tone.
  8. "Florida!!!" - The chaotic and wild spirit of this song is perfectly matched with a Syrah. Its spicy undertones and bold character are as untamed as the song’s setting.
  9. "Guilty as Sin?" - This song's complex layers of guilt and longing pair well with the Riesling. Its sweet complexity and crisp acidity reflect the intricacies of the emotions explored.
  10. "Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?" - The defiant and dramatic energy of this track goes hand in hand with our Sh!tshow Reserve, a wine that’s as bold and unapologetic as the song itself.
  11. "I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)" - The determined and slightly mischievous tone of this song pairs with a Chardonnay, offering a balanced and smooth taste with a hint of oak to underscore the resolve.
  12. "loml" - The nostalgic and romantic undertones call for the Pinot Grigio, a light and airy wine that captures the fleeting beauty of past love.
  13. "I Can Do It With A Broken Heart" -The resilience in this song suggests a Rosé, versatile and enduring, capable of complexity but often underestimated.
  14. "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" - The biting and reflective lyrics pair with the sharp and distinctive Sh!tshow White, which cuts through the complexity with its crisp acidity.
  15. "The Alchemy" - The magical and transformative journey in the song mirrors a Viognier, a wine known for its aromatic complexity and enchanting floral notes.
  16. "Clara Bow" - The glamorous and timeless appeal of this song is best accompanied by Champagne, a celebratory drink that sparkles with history and charm.
  17. "The Black Dog" - The deep introspection and sorrow of this song resonate with Shiraz, a wine with layers of dark fruit and a hint of spice, reflecting the song's emotional depth.
  18. "Imgonnagetyouback" - The feisty and spirited resolve of this track pairs delightfully with Grenache, a wine that’s as bold and assertive as the song’s narrative.
  19. "The Albatross" - The ominous and fateful nature of the song pairs with Cabernet Franc, a wine with a complex, robust profile and a lingering finish.
  20. "Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus" - The fluid and changing identities in the song are mirrored by our sh!tshow Sweet Rosé, a wine that combines different notes harmoniously, much like the song’s shifting perspectives.
  21. "How Did It End?" - The haunting and reflective mood of this song calls for Late Harvest Riesling, a sweet wine with a depth that lingers, much like the song's lingering questions.
  22. "So High School" - The youthful and playful reminiscence of this song goes perfectly with our Sparkling Moscato, a bubbly and sweet treat that captures the spirit of nostalgia.
  23. "I Hate It Here" - The internal conflict and escape into fantasy pair well with Gewürztraminer, a wine with exotic flavors that transport one to a different realm.
  24. "thanK you aIMee" - The bitter and transformative journey in the song pairs with Malbec, a wine that embodies change and complexity with its robust and spicy notes.
  25. "I Look in People’s Windows" - The voyeuristic longing calls for Ice Wine, a sweet and intense wine that captures the intensity of longing and the chill of isolation.
  26. "The Prophecy" - The mystical and fateful tone of this song is best complemented by Optimism Starry Sky, a mysterious and enchanting wine that captures the essence of destiny and desire.
  27. "Cassandra" - The tragic and prophetic nature of this song pairs with Tempranillo, a wine with a strong character and deep roots, echoing the song’s historical and fateful narrative.
  28. "Peter" - The nostalgic and wistful song pairs beautifully with our Merlot, a wine that is smooth and reflective, much like the song's tender remembrance.
  29. "The Bolter" - The quick and unpredictable nature of the song pairs with Pinot Noir, a wine that is light on its feet yet packs a punch, much like the song’s character.
  30. "Robin" - Youthful and spirited, a Fruity Sangria would be fitting, embodying the carefree and vibrant tones of the song.
  31. "The Manuscript" - The deep reflection and historical undertones call for Heritage our dessert style wine that is as layered and storied as the song’s narrative.

Every wine has been carefully selected to resonate with the themes and emotions of its corresponding Taylor Swift song, crafting a seamless fusion of melody and flavor that elevates the lyrical narrative. So, pour yourself a glass, hit play, and immerse yourself in the evocative world of Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology." Here's to an evening of profound contemplation, rich emotions, and refined palates!

Share your thoughts in the comments below—let us know your favorite lyric and wine pairing from this musical and vinous journey. Cheers!

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    I love this song and wine pairing. I love the new album 🥲
    I hate it here so I will go to
    secret gardens in my mind
    People need a key to get to
    The only one is mine 💓🗝️

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