Sh!tshow Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Ah, Thanksgiving, the one day a year when we willingly subject ourselves to a parade of familial chaos, overcooked turkeys, and questionable life choices. Fear not, brave soul, for we present the Sh!tshow Wine Thanksgiving Survival Guide – because there's no calamity that a well-poured glass of wine can't handle. Let the festivities begin!

1. Wine Selection: Because You'll Need It

  • Sh!tshow Red: The official elixir of surviving family drama and political debates. This robust blend is as complex as your Aunt Mildred's conspiracy theories.

2. Pre-Thanksgiving Prep: Lowering Expectations

  • Create a Playlist: Compile a mix of passive-aggressive anthems to subtly convey your feelings without saying a word. Bonus points for Adele's "Hello" and anything by Alanis Morissette.

3. Surviving Awkward Conversations: Mastering the Art of Nodding

  • The Nod-and-Sip Technique: Perfect the art of nodding in agreement while discreetly taking sips of your Sh!tshow wine. It's a win-win – you appear engaged, and the wine becomes your silent confidant.

4. Dodge the Inquisition: Crafting Your Escape Plan

  • The "I Forgot Something" Excuse: Strategically place items around the house that you can use as an excuse to escape uncomfortable conversations. "Oh no, I left the Sh!tshow in the car. Be right back!"

5. Avoiding Political Landmines: Change the Topic Like a Pro

  • Distract and Redirect: Keep a list of random, non-controversial topics handy. "Did you know wombats have cube-shaped poop?" Trust us; this is a conversation stopper.

6. Reflect and Recover: Wine Helps with Both

  • Journal Your Triumphs: Document the day's absurdities in a journal. It's therapeutic, and you'll have material for next year's survival guide.

Armed with the Sh!tshow Wine Thanksgiving Survival Guide, you're now equipped to face the chaos with a smirk, a sip, and a whole lot of sarcasm. May your wine glass be full, your eye rolls be discreet, and your sense of humor remain intact. Cheers to surviving the ultimate Thanksgiving Sh!tshow! 

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