New Years Resolutions For Wine Lovers

It's officially a New Year! If you're a wine lovers looking to learn more and get more out of your wine, check out these New Years resolutions. They'll help you have fun with wine, improve your knowledge, and step outside of yours comfort zone. 

1. Try New Wines

Venture out of your comfort zone this year and try new wines! It’ll help expand your palette and you might just find a new favorite. If you like sweet wines, try something a bit drier. Or, if you usually drink reds go on a quest to find a white wine you love. There are a plethora of options to choose from, from reds and whites to brands from all corners of the world.

2. Visit Local Vineyards 

If you’re looking for something fun to do this year, try visiting all of the local vineyards in your area. It’s a fun activity to get out of the house with family and friends and it’ll help you try out new wines this year. Plus, it's always important to try and support local business when you can. If you’re in Pennsylvania check us out at Grovedale Winery

3. Host your own wine tasting party 

Hosting a wine tasting party is just another great way to enjoy a glass of wine, try something new, and get together with your friends. Have everyone bring a bottle of their current favorite wine and try them all! You can have a blind tasting, or have everyone rank the wines from least to most favorite. It’s always interesting to see how different everyones palette is. 

4. Improve Your Wine Knowledge

Whether it’s wine facts or trying to improve your wine palette, there is a lot of wine knowledge to learn! You can pick up a book to learn more or you can do blind tastings and try to guess the notes of the wine. Learning more about wine will enhance the appreciation you already have for it. 

5. Join A Wine Club

Joining a wine club can aid in all of the resolutions mentioned above. You can get new wines shipped directly to your house year round, enjoy local wines, improve your wine knowledge, and you’ll always have a new wine to host a wine tasting party with! If you’re not sure which wine club to join, check out Club Grovedale. We have 2 clubs to choose from, one for sweet wines and one for dry wines. You’ll get a case of 4, 8, or 12 bottles of wine, customized to your taste, every 3 months! You can also enjoy a 15% discount on current release wines among other great benefits. Check out our wine club and make good on your New Years resolutions!

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