5 Ways To Enjoy Wine In The Spring

Now that spring is here you can finally get outside and enjoy some sunshine with your favorite wines. If you're looking for some inspiration on activities you can do this spring (while drinking wine), we have some ideas for you. There's nothing better than warm weather and a nice cold glass of wine. Check out this list for some inspiration. 
  1. Have a Picnic: Springtime is the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy a picnic. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Pack a basket with your favorite snacks, some cheese, and a bottle of wine. 
  2. Attend a Wine Tasting: Many wineries offer wine tastings in the spring. It's a great way to spend a day with friends or family. Come visit us at Grovedale and enjoy a flight of wine out on our patio!
  3. Host a Wine and Paint Night: Gather some friends for a night of wine and painting. Set up an outdoor canvas and enjoy a glass of wine while you create a masterpiece.
  4. Go on a Hike: It’s finally warm enough to enjoy a nice leisurely hike. Pack a backpack with some snacks, water, and a bottle of your favorite wine. Pick a spot to stop at and enjoy your wine while you take in the beautiful views. 
  5. Enjoy a Sunset: Find a scenic spot with a view of the sunset. Bring a bottle of wine and some glasses, sit back, and relax. It's a simple but beautiful way to enjoy wine in the springtime.

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