3 Low Sugar Wine Options

No matter how much you try to cut down on sugar, it's always going to be hard. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy wine- sometimes all you need is a little moderation. In this blog, we'll be discussing three low-sugar wine options that are perfect for people looking to drink wine without the sugar-craving aftermath the next day. You'll be able to avoid the sugar highs and still be able to enjoy a glass of wine after a stressful day.

Why does wine have sugar in the first place?

Wine has sugar in it because it needs it to break down the starch in the grapes and create fermentation. Alcohol is created as a result of this process.  

Is it important to pay attention to how much sugar I’m consuming when drinking wine? 

It depends on who you are. If you’re on a low sugar diet or simply looking to cut sugar out then it’s important to pay attention to how much residual sugar is in the wine you’re drinking. Another perk of low sugar wines is that you’re less likely to feel hungover the next day. High sugar alcohol is more likely to give you that headache you can’t quite get rid of. 

3 low sugar wine options:

Whether you’re on a diet or just looking for healthier options for wine, Sh!tshow has the selection for you. Each of these wines is low in sugar and still taste great. They're a great way to enjoy a glass of wine without feeling guilty. Each of these wines have 0% residual sugar in them and we have everything from red to white, and even something for rosé lovers. 

Sh!tshow White 

Sh!tshow Red

 Sh!tshow Rosé

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