Sh!tshow Debate Bingo Card

Order your bottle of sh!tshow wine, gather your most spirited friends, and sit back to laugh at the sh!tshow that is the US debates. As the candidates trade jabs and jests, make the evening even more memorable by bringing out our exclusive bingo card. Dive into the friendly competition and may the best contestant win. With each quip and quote from the debates, be swift to call out your square—remember, the first person to call it is the only one who can claim it for that particular action or phrase. Mark off your squares and bask in the playful rivalry to see who comes out on top. The bingo cards you're downloading have been specially crafted for this occasion, transforming every political pivot and passionate speech into an opportunity for fun and games. Here's to an evening where fine wine meets wit and humor, blending the art of debate with the joy of shared moments. Cheers to the spectacle!

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