Sh!tshow Red

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The stuff of dreams.

We were inspired to make this wine because we believe that, in a world of chaos and craziness, sometimes you just need to escape. The way to do that is with a good wine in hand, of course! When we started making this, we thought about what kind of wine would be the perfect way to chill out and get away from it all for a minute… and this is what we came up with.

It's blended red wine with a high level of fruitiness and softness, and a short, complex finish. It's the kind of wine you'll want to drink while lounging on your porch at sunset, or cozied up next to the fire on a rainy day. We wanted something that tastes like home—because there's no place like home when it comes time to relax.

And since "home" means something different for everyone, this wine is also great for sharing with friends. Whether you're spending time at home with your family or your friends (or both!), this is the wine for you.

If life has been throwing you one crazy curveball after another, it's time for you to treat yourself to some R&R—and for us, that means Sh!tshow Red.


Sh!tshow Red - Grovedale Winery
Sh!tshow Red - Grovedale Winery

Customer Reviews

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Terry Baker
Family fun day

Loved our tasting! Came all the way from Kentucky to spend the day with family and we were not disappointed. A truly wonderful place for the community and for family gatherings.

Sheila Stanton
Something is different

We’ve had your Sh!tshow before at the winery and at restaurants and the batch we got from the wine club was just not as good. 😕

Pam A
Great Tasting Red Blend

I have given Sh!tshow Red multiple times as a gift. Every recipient loves it, both for the name, but most importantly for the taste. I enjoy drinking it as well. It is smooth with just the right amount of dryness.

Patti Sharpless
Baby shower gift

Got it for my daughter for her baby shower for a fun gift. We have had it before and love it.


I like the wine and could not believe how quickly it arrived

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